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Create Together
Entertain Together
Profit Together

We are content creators, idea incubators, and I.P. generators.

From inception to delivery, through cooperative partnerships with like-minded artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors, editors and studios, EDH produces high quality, engaging, inspiring, unique and (often) hilarious animated entertainment for a global audience.

Our creative process is inclusive, as is our profit sharing model.

Decades of experience in the entertainment industry fuel our core belief that in success there is always enough to go around, which is why our partnerships are rooted in mutual trust, kindness, and respect.

We cherish the talents of all those with whom we are fortunate enough to collaborate.

We commit to protecting their interests, passions, and contributions, and we invite them all to embrace our love of storytelling and our simple mission to:

  • create together,
  • entertain together,
  • and profit together.

We are a highly energized collective of doers, makers and producers of imaginative content, joyfully celebrating every step of the creative process, because at EDH…

Every Day’s a Holiday.


Ross Venokur and Lenore Quinonez Venokur - Founders of EDH Animation
We're Making Cartoons at EDH Animation

Ross Venokur and Lenore Quinonez Venokur are husband and wife, creative collaborators, and co-founders of EDH Animation Co-op.